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ABOUT US  It's finally time… after years of plotting and planning we have decided to spread our love of all things gaming to other families like ourselves. They say, "Do what you love" and we have found a way to do just that. Welcome to Goin' Gaming, a family friendly gaming store run by a friendly gaming family.

WHO WE ARE  As an avid gamer since childhood, Alan has played just about everything but favors RPGs, LARPing, and collectaable card games. If it's a dead card game, you can bet he had it out in the garage somewhere.

Ever the strategist, Becky's favorites include miniature combat and board games. After discovering the world of Catan, she hones her bartering skills through 9 months of continuous play!

Our son, Damien, has followed in our gaming footsteps, enjoying a wide array of games and expressing a desire for more.


1. Be Respecful - We are all here to find friends and have a good time. If you ruin it for others you will be asked to leave.

2. Clean Up after yourselves. A neat and tidy gaming space makes it fun for everyone.

3. Don't have gamer funk! Nobody wants to sit next to some smelly, sweaty dude they don't know.

4. Theft from the store or other customers will not be tolerated. Shoplifters will be prosecuted.


WHAT WE OFFER  Goin' Gaming has been a dream for years and is now being realized as we open this amazing new store in beautiful Troutdale, Oregon. Drop in anytime for a cup of tea and a game of:

* HeroClix

* Star Trek: Attack Wing

* D&D Attack Wing

* Magic: The Gathering

* Pokemon

* Yu-Gi-Oh!

* My Little Pony

* Dungeons & Dragons

* Shadowrun

* Earthdawn

* Mistborn Adventure Game

* Grab an interesting new board game

* OR satisfy your creative side with an advanced coloring book



Short excerpt from The Gresham Outlook:

 “…The store offers a wall-to-wall array of board games both classic and contemporary, complex and common for sale as well as a welcoming spot to for individuals and groups to gather for gaming sessions.
Alan Schmid hopes gamers will feel the same about Goin’ Gaming as he did about the shop of his youth."

“It was a safe place for us to go,” he recalls. “I was looking to recreate that for kids in this area.…

…In addition to strategy- and cooperation-based board games such as Catan, Risk, Yahtzee and Dungeons & Dragons, Goin’ Gaming specializes in miniature combat-oriented games in which players apply strategies and critical thinking to tactical combat scenarios. The shop also offers games based on collectible cards, role-playing games in which players create customized characters in fictional settings, and advanced coloring books, which a growing number of adults use as a stress-relieving foray into drawing and artistry."

“We sell just about all kinds of games, except video games,” said Becky Schmid, noting an exception in the store’s movie screen-based Mario Cart Mondays event. “We have events and tournaments for customers to come in and play different games.”

While the digital age has lessened the mass popularity of old-school board and card games, the Schmids feel there’s cultural value in providing an alternative to interacting with electronics all day and night.

“We’re really trying to get kids away from video games,” Becky Schmid said. “There are more kids nowadays playing games and watching TV and (doing) less thinking. The games here are exercising their critical-thinking skills…”

Read the whole Outlook article here




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27084 SE Stark St. , Troutdale, OR 97060
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Store Hours - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Mon - Sun 12pm-9pm (at least)